Tired cranky-pants

I feel kind of bad because I snapped at my ever-loving, undeserving-of-snappishness, boyfriend. Yep, I have been a tired cranky-pants and I can’t say I’ve changed much in the last 24 hours. I’m sorry Kyle!

On a brighter note, I’ve accomplished more today and partook of a yummy, oh-so-lovely fruit basket that a resident dropped by this morning. The pears were delicious. The office staff keep trying to send Christmas goodies home with me because I’m “the young, skinny one,” in the office and therefore more qualified to eat all the junk food because I have a greater number of years to burn it off than they do. Well, while I appreciate the sentiment, that’s BUNK!

I finally got an email from the mayor…it left me with more questions and an ominous, queasy feeling of ‘you’re not done yet missy.’ *evil laugh*

“Great, see you tomorrow. I have edited about half of it and plan to finish in the morning. Then you can crank a final draft for me to read (in book form order). It is well done, and I’m not sure we need an editor other than Sue Ann and I.”


Fred McXxxxey

My favorite part is the nonchalant “Then you can crank a final draft for me to read.” Like it’s that easy!!!! Grrrr. I’ll crank something…that’s for sure. Not only that, but he doesn’t specify a deadline. The most important part! What the heck!

Ok, I need to get back to work. Good think I brought dinner with me, not to mention I have this lovely crate-sized basket of exotic and home-grown fruit to enjoy. Yay!

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2 Responses to “Tired cranky-pants”

  1. Well, as little old ladies say in the movies, it’ll all turn out alright in the end.
    And sometimes, they say, check out that guy’s butt, and it’s cute ‘cuz they’re little old ladies.
    But when it happens in real life, not so cute. Definitely more the creepy side of things.
    I’m pretty sure the boyo will understand and forgive, he’s seemed pretty nice whenever I’ve hung out with him. And if not, then the two of you can brawl, and man that’ll be funny to watch.

  2. propheceye says:

    Haven’t you figured it out yet that upper management is insane? That’s why they are upper management.

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