Sarah’s Christmas Wish List

That’s right, I’ve finally sat down and thought about what I would like for Christmas. My apologies to friends and family who have been heckling me to do this for two months now. 🙂

1. Kittens (8 to 10 weeks old, healthy and mischievous)
2. Secretary/writer’s desk
3. lightweight laptop / notebook (I’m serious about the lightweight part – it will be carried around a whole lot)
4. The 15th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (for writers, editors, and publishers)
5. clothes
6. Any good books (always love a good book)
7. classic movies (the kind you can watch over and over again)
8. music
9. an old time radio (that still works) or the kind of stereo that looks like an old time radio, but really isn’t. Those are neat.
10. clever things I need but never thought of. I like surprises.

There, I made it to 10. It took a while, but there you have it!

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One Response to “Sarah’s Christmas Wish List”

  1. See, I can’t see getting someone else kittens; that should be a decision that you make. You can never tell when there’s going to be instant chemistry, some people just look at certain pets and no right off of the bat that they’re family. I’ve already got stuff for you, but that did remind me, did you ever read the book that I gave you last summer for housewarming? Terry Pratchett’s always a great read, and he goes really quick. (So I actually wouldn’t advise starting til after you finish THE book, but it’s great for plane/train/bus/car rides. Rock out.

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