You are Emo!

You are very sensitive to everything and often find
yourself depressed or brooding. You get
attached to people easily and find it hard to
let go. However, you are creative and
articulate and can express your thoughts easily
and clearly. You are empathetic to people in
distress and often find yourself driven to help
them. Try not to focus solely on whats wrong
with the world, and try to notice the positive
aspects, too. Oh, and please put the X-acto

What Kind of Music are You?
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One Response to “”

  1. Bwa-ha-ha! You got emo.
    I got rock, which is funny, but not as funny as emo. When I was in the car a few years back with my mom and my brother, we were going off on music styles and emo came up. My mom asked what it was, as she had never heard of this. I fielded this to Paul, who knows more about music than I. He thought about for a minute and then said: “If Nicholas Cage had a rock band… that would be emo.” She mulled over that for a minute and said, “Okay then.”

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