Help Wanted

I swear my eyes are going cross from looking at the same information for the same profiles for so long. I need a fresh pair of eyes! If anyone has time and is interested in coming to the Town Hall or to my apartment to help me out, let me know!!!
I need someone who will help me stay focused and who has a genuine interest in the information we’ll be dealing with. This person should be honest and be able to tell me if something isn’t worth including in the profile, etc. You don’t have to be able to write well, just be able to tell me if something I write doesn’t sound good.

In short, I need a sounding board, a critic, but most of all…I need a friend.

Position includes a warm fire, chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa, chocolate dipped strawberries, access to my kitchen, a wealth of interesting stories and possibly (if you contact me soon enough) a yummy dinner. Air fare not included, sorry. I am, however, willing to pick you up from your current location assuming it’s not too far away (sorry California friends).

If you are interested and qualified, contact me ASAP. Thank you!

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2 Responses to “Help Wanted”

  1. I would totally be there, ‘cept I’m working tonight and not available til’ Sunday. If you still need help on Sunday, I’m more than willing, but it sounds like you need it sooner than that.
    Most of the stories that I’ve heard you tell already have been fascinating; I’ll want to see the finished book regardless.
    (Movie Night Monday!)

  2. harmony_joy says:

    I am very willing to help also! However, I am not available until Sunday either…if that would work, let me know!

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