Walking to work and my car

It’s sad but my car is finally starting to show her age. First her brake pads went out. Then last night the transmission gave out. Thankfully it wasn’t until I was parked in front of Kyle’s townhouse that she ‘really’ broke down. The transmission first blew out on the freeway, but she held out just long enough to get me to a safe place. So she’s in the shop right now and hopefully I’ll get her back some time tonight or tomorrow. I’m not suffering too bad without her because I live only a couple miles from work and it’s a comfortable walking distance. Plus, this morning was beautiful. I’d like to continue my walking habit…I mean, obviously it’s good for me and it will be good for me financially too since the recent leap in gas prices.

Andrea left yesterday morning. It was so sad to see her leave. We had so much fun! We went on the Underground Tour, the Space Needle, Pike’s Place Market, Ivar’s, Pioneer Square, the works. We also went to the Sunday market in Fremont and I think that was one of Andrea’s favorites. She found some cool cowboy boots for Tobian. I think he’ll really like them. Kyle found me a old edition of The Original Sherlock Holmes short stories and he got it for me. So sweet!

So, it was decided at the last meeting I had with the town mayor that my deadline would be bumped up to Oct. 1. I’ve got a lot of work to do in very little time!

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One Response to “Walking to work and my car”

  1. propheceye says:

    I still need to come up and visit… I went down to LA this weekend. When is the next holiday thingy?

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