Still no car

The walk to work this morning was so beautiful. *sigh* I think more people’s cars should go out of commission for a while so they learn to appreciate all the benefits that can come from a nice 3-4 mile walk to work. Well, then again, I’m an environmentalist and I’m a nut. So what do I know?
Anyway, I had the chance to talk to my dad and get updated a bit while walking this morning. It’s good to hear his voice and it was nice to just chat about where I’m going after this job. He’s worried about my finances and that I won’t have enough to live in an apartment on my own (let alone with a roommate). I’ve been saving up for a while, but even so, he’s right. I dunno…I might have to move back home for a while until I build up a fluffier “cushion”. I really appreciate that my dad shows concern and understanding, but that he also lets me be concerned too. Instead of just giving me money right away to fix the problem…he allows me to feel the burden and look for ways to solve it myself. That way when he does help out, the gift is that much more genuine and appreciated. Plus, I don’t feel like a freeloader and I have less to pay back later. It’s all in God’s hands, that’s for sure. He’s taken great care of me so far. I guess that’s why I’m so anxious to see what happens next.
I met a totally awesome girl named Michelle that I think would be a great roommate. I’ve been seeing her at church and hanging out with her afterwards is great fun. She and Kyle have been friends practically forever and she’s super sweet. She likes concerts, lived in SF for a while (so she knows my homeland fairly well) and we seem to have a lot of the same idiosyncrasies. Plus, she likes animals…so kitty cats would be a welcomed addition.
The potential is there and it’s lookin’ good. The only thing I have to figure out is where I’m going to work. The business cards I ordered should be coming soon. But in the meantime I have so much more to be concerned with. I’ve got several portraits I need to have finished by the end of the month…not to mention this book!
I’m starting to feel the pressure build and it seems like I’m getting more leads every day. Why do people wait until the last minute to tell me that they’re related to the distant pioneers of this land? It’s so…rude…and…inconvenient. Definitely inconvenient.
I’m still at the office and everyone else has gone home. Lucky for me the sun doesn’t set until about 8pm, so I won’t have to walk home in the dark. There are tons of pictures I still have to sift through and I’ll be buried for a while. One minor problem is this spider that has been perched on the wall to my left. He’s a little bigger than a half dollar and I can see the hairs on his back. He’s too big for a tissue crunch, and I don’t like confronting spiders that are hairy and have fangs that I can see with a naked eye. His legs are the thickness of toothpicks and his body is the size of a jelly bean (a black licorice jelly bean spider on eight tooth pick size legs…ew) The moment he steps closer…I’m out of here.

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