Good Ol’ Queen Ann

I was cruising Queen Ann yesterday after stopping by my bank. I felt since I had just deposited money and stolen a healthy wad of counter deposit slips, I deserved a sixteen ounce “Peach Pleasure” Jamba Juice. One of the best features of Queen Ann, besides its quaint Seattlite atmosphere, is the fact that regardless of what season it is, you’re bound to see some cute puppies. I saw this guy get out of his car and I thought he had his girlfriend’s fuzzy sweater balled up in his hand, but no, it was the smallest, fluffiest midnight black puppy I’d ever seen. I only realized it was a puppy when I saw the bubble gum pink tongue reach out toward the man’s Starbucks pastery.

*sigh* All these cute puppy sightings and danjor’s kitten LJ posts makes me miss my animals at home. I NEED a kitten.

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One Response to “Good Ol’ Queen Ann”

  1. danjor says:

    I hope you get a kitten. I can’t imagine not having mine around. 🙂

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