Back together

Kyle and I are back together. We decided to give it another shot and see where God takes it.
It’s kind of weird but I’m excited!

He’s in Arizona with family right now. It was a bummer to be apart on our first day back together. But it’s also nice to have the time apart to process how things have been going since seeing each other again.

The Mayor’s meeting is in an hour. That’s when all the important people of the town gather with the mayor to assess my progress and hopefully give me more direction.

This weekend was great. I judged the pet show and got to know a lot of people. It was even better when I got to see them at the parade yesterday. I had so much fun. I hung out with Yon and Pricilla and they showed me around, got me a hot dog, strawberry shortcake and beverage. After the parade I went home and got ready for the bbq with the SPU theater crew. That was a lot of fun and then we went over to Yon and Pricilla’s place for a spectacular fireworks show. Yay!

The next event I have to look forward is Cassie’s L movie night. Woo hoo!

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