War of the Worlds

I saw “War of the Worlds” last night with Abe. It was pretty good. Typical Spielberg film (crazy-cool graphics, decent dialogue and a happy ending). The action and suspense were well done too.

I get my first pay check soon. Yippi!
My boss is supposed to get back from a trip today. I’m nervous, but I’m also anxious to talk with him in person and work out some details. I’ve been working pretty hard all week so I would have something to show him when he gets back to let him know he hired the right girl for the job. I feel like there is some serious sub-culture in this community and a history far richer (literally) than what’s been recorded already. I’m a bit afraid of digging too far. The people in this community are very powerful and somehow I have a nack for unearthing skeletons…(just ask SPU administration). I’ve already found some interesting bones that I’ve been advised to overlook. Perhaps, for now, it would be best for me to just keep a journal of the questionable info I dig up.
I think next week I’ll make a trip to the local library and learn more about the founders. What I’ve learned so far about the founder Leigh S. J. Hunt, is pretty cool. He was the owner of the Seattle Times. A journalist! Imagine that. 🙂

My quiet time last night was pretty awesome. I have a feeling God is going to bust out some moves real soon. It just seems like the timing is good for something to happen simply because I feel like I have so many decisions in the air right now. I dunno, we’ll see what happens.

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