Livin’ in a small town of big people

I’m slowly adjusting to my new surroundings. The longer I’m here, the more I realize the caliber of the population. Everyone is beautiful and people dress up to go to the mall. Don’t get me wrong…the socio-economic diversity may linger closer to the wealthy side, but it’s not completely uncommon to see older cars or people wearing T-shirts and jeans (as opposed to business suits.) But I figure for the most part, those sightings are just people passing through.
This seemingly perfect community has, in my eyes, somehow made my own imperfections more prominent. So I suppose the only thing I can do is admit to my shortcomings now, rather than be called on them later.
*I own grandma panties.
*I refuse to spend more than $20 without thoroughly investigating all other options.
*Some people whisper the word “cheap” – I think “frugal” is more fitting.
*I still make, instead of purchase, many of my holiday gifts.
*When looking at a menu in a restaurant, I take into consideration how many meals I can get out of one order. (Hooray for to-go boxes!)
*I pick up change on the street.
*I use the Safeway coupons that come with the receipts.
*I may not admit it, but if you don’t recycle I probably will think less of you.
*I’ve had my car for 5 years and have no intention of getting a new one any time soon.
*I save EVERYTHING, just in case.
*Socks aren’t dead until they have at least five holes.
*Shoe Goo is the fountain of youth for my footwear.
*Only buy it if you can’t make it yourself for less.
*Eat in always, unless out with a friend.
*Sunday coupons anyone?
*…on that same note, the neighbors still haven’t noticed that the coupon section of their Sunday paper has been missing these last few weeks.
*Praise God for book trade!
*Spare a paper cup…always have a mug handy for emergency coffee breaks.
*I recycle my Post-Its
*Turn off the water in the shower to lather up then turn it back on to rinse.
*Washing dishes right after use, before the food gets hard, crusty and stuck, helps avoid longer scrubbing sessions.
*dolphin free tuna!
*buy products packaged only in recyclable materials.
*give mean looks to people when they throw away recyclables.
*I still wear clothes from high school.

…I have more. But I can’t think of them. Yesterday, while trying to explain this to a friend I concluded that I’m a Christian liberal hippie. Does that seem accurate?

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