Yes, I’m tired and I’m reclusive. I’ve tried to break out of these trends, but what can ya do? Right.

I can hardly remember Friday except that I saw that movie with the good soundtrack. Saturday, I went to work, went out to tacos with Dave and we also stopped by the Tweetery where these parrots and feathered friends were flying all over the place and like to nibble on ears. This made me a bit uncomfortable. Also this bird salesman kept trying to sell me this kinda ugly looking bird that has a “very bad birdy attitude, but is a cuddle bird too.” His name was Beemer (the bird). Apparently he’d gotten in fights with the other birds and broke his beak and lost a toe. He was a gray bird that looked like he’d had a cup of blue cool-aid poured over his head. Anyway, that was an interesting trip. Dave got some nesting material for his “overly-involved” finches. “They are the busiest little birds I’ve ever seen,” he told me. And I asked, “Well, jeez, why on earth would you be watching!”
Earlier that day I got to work a little bit late and Dave made me wear a name tag that said “I’m in Time Out.” I got plenty of wonderful comments and interesting looks from customers. Also, Dave set up a little scavenger hunt because he had a gift for me. I followed the trail of his notes that were hidden all over the store; from the register (where I started) to the Star Wars display, to the vacuum closet, to the break room, etc. It was a wonderful treat! I love things like that, especially when they’re put together so well. Anyway, my search ended in the break room where he’d hidden four tapes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the microwave. haha.
I called Kyle later that night to watch one with me and drink cheap hot coco. Miranda was busy studying. sad.

Oh, and before Kyle came over, Alex stopped by. He’d gotten some pictures and names and numbers of people who were at the canal when a fire broke out. It’s great that he happened to be on the scene and had his wits about him to get all the necessary info. It’ll be a great story for The Falcon.
After that, my radio shows came on and I was able to postpone my homework some more.

So now it’s Sunday. I over slept and missed church. I think I’m going to try and go to compline tonight or hitch a ride to someone’s evening service.
I called my mom today and my grandma to wish them a happy Mother’s Day. It’s hard talking to my mom sometimes. I always get off the phone feeling overly-anxious, like there are a million things to get done and I’m way behind and the world is going to end if I don’t get everything done ASAP. I suppose that just comes from the fact that my mom is Wonder Woman and always a couple steps ahead of the game.

I woke up this morning really wanting to play tennis. In fact, I fell asleep last night thinking about it and hitting serves in my head. It’s that time of year and I’m having withdrawals. I called Loreanne because she was the first person I thought of when I ran through a list of potential partners to play. I think I’m going to go to the courts and hit a few serves tonight. I hope they have court lights.

Next on the list of events for the day: small group.

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