Sunny day

Although I didn’t actually get it e-mailed until 5:40 this morning, I finally turned in the rough draft of my memoir. That was a huge weight off my chest. Good Lord that paper was a beast. And of course, it still has a lot of refining to endure.
Another cat (different than Tabby) walked into my apartment yesterday. She almost got away with it too! But I caught her and hauled her outside. Dang, the cats around this place are friendly. ha-ha.
The free download of the week on iTunes is pretty sweet.
I got my results back today in the mail from an IDAK Career Match test I took a while ago. It had some interesting results, along with telling me a lot that I already knew.
Also I took the Love Talk test for the Parrot’s adv. relationship development class. Also interesting. The test reveals your forms of love talk and also how your “partner” can best communicate with you (this also included a list of ways my “partner” shouldn’t talk to me – I thought that was pretty cool).

Recycling in-depth article
Employee benefits investigation
Nature essay
Keep eye out for roommates just in case cottage doesn’t come through
Eat something
Finish Bible study assignment
Pick up couch from Brigitte’s place
Do capstone homework for tomorrow
Take a nap, or sit and do nothing but pray for at least an hour today (while the sun is out)

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  1. We missed you at J Movie Night! 🙂

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