My buddy Kristen is visiting for the weekend. I feel kinda bad that we haven’t been able to do more since I’ve had to work on this stupid last article. *sigh* It’s taking forever because nobody will talk! I called one of my sources today to confirm info; turns out that he got a call from [insert big-wig name here] and was given a hush order or he’ll loose his job. Dang yo! What the heck! This is the second time this has happened for this article alone. Why are people so afraid of me? It’s not like I’m going to bring down the entire system with one article about recycling.
I’ve got so much more to do…they can’t shush all my sources yet.

In other news, Kristen’s still having fun because she met up with a friend today who was able to show her around some more while I went and took pictures of dumpsters…oh boy. I didn’t get to all of them and they’re not exactly print worthy photos…I just needed them for the sake of sizing and matching them up with the paperwork I got from the trash company. Lucky for me I was only questioned once while taking the pictures. Frank, the maintenence guy who services the AC units on campus was like, “Can I ask why you find our garbage attractive enough to photograph?” Yeah, he was a fun guy to talk to and I was able to get a couple more names out of him of people I can learn more from. Hopefully they will not have been given a silencing order yet.

Sarah’s bridal shower was today too. So much fun! I got her something lacy and something fun…simply because I couldn’t decide. *sigh* My little roommate is growing up so fast. Kristen had fun too at the party. That girl can make friends where ever she goes. haha.

CSI season finale was amazing!!!! I’m still processing it all.

There’s more that’s been happening, but I’m tired. Here’s my parting song (some of you may recognize it. It’s been stuck in my head all day even though I haven’t actually heard it in years.):

Use me here, where I am
I’m not gonna pray anymore that You’ll change your plans
Despite my fear, I place my life in Your hands
the future can wait, tomorrow might be too late,
So Jesus use me here

I lay my heart’s desires at Your feet, oh Lord
Take all the plans I’ve made and all my dreams
Blinded by triumphs of tomorrow I’ve let sin control today
So many drowning within reach, Father it’s time
You heard me say…

I tell myself I want to know Your will, oh Lord
Still I confess I’ve had plans of my own
But from now on I plan to listen to Your will and to obey
No matter what the future holds I’m gonna live for You today

Lyrics from Everybodyduck, Hume Lake

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