Kingdom of Heaven

I saw Kingdom of Heaven tonight. It was okay…but it was no Gladiator. One thing I will say though is that the soundtrack is going to be amazing. I loved the music.

In other news: I went and checked out the recycling program at Seattle University today. Ohmygosh, they have such an amazing system. They even have their own composting! (Apparently they’ve won awards for their incredible compost.) I was impressed. I’m anxious to go back and interview more people.

Remember friends: Jesus loves Recycling!

Also today I went to a meeting held for SPU employees to come and respond to the changes that were made about their benefits. I guess not many of them really cared because only about 9 people showed up. Sad. I guess part of that may have had to do with the fact that the meeting was held during work and class hours. Hmmmm…I don’t suppose the administration did this on purpose. Nawh, they would never do anything like that, that’s not Christian.

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