Gazillionth message for the day

I got to talk with my dad today. Man, I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear his voice. I’ve been learning lately how much it means to me to hear the voices of the people I love, especially my closest friends and family. I nearly teared up. I could literally feel my heart swelling with joy when I heard him tell me how proud he is of me. He said, I miss you so much [secret nickname], but my pride in what God is doing through you is a lot greater. *tearful grin* I wish so bad I could feel his bear hug (you know, the kind that only a dad can give.) *sigh*
I called him today because take your daughter to work day was this month. That has always been a very special day for my dad and I. He’d always plan the coolest work days. I’m so blessed to have the relationship I do with my dad.
He was also telling me about the great sermon our pastor gave about Eunice and Lois in Genesis, and the special duty mothers have in raising their daughters. Apparently the pastor pulled out a copy of the application my dad and his friends have for their daughters; Application To Date My Daughter. ha-ha. Lots of great memories in that application.
I love hearing my dad talk about the Bible and how great God is, it gets me so pumped up. He is such a wise man. I got off the phone and left for my meeting tonight feeling completely rejuvinated.
Also, when I called him he was still at work. Things have really been picking up back home. He was working on an arson case in an old house which is actually a historical building in San Francisco. As I listened to my dad describe the building I suddenly realized where I get my ability to describe things so colorfully. Check out this description he gave of an old man he was working with: “This guy was elderly, but not too old. His job seemed to age him more than time. He was bent over like he tucked his tie into his shoelaces.”
Ha-ha. So amazing. Anyway, as he was telling me about the job, he was also keeping an eye on my brother, who was learning how to drive the fork lift they just got for the warehouse. “Hey Sar, you’ll never guess what I got you for your graduation. A brand new Cat fork lift! I knew you’d love it!”
Apparently while I was talking with my dad my brother ran the fork prongs through the side of our neighbor’s warehouse. Ha-ha! oops. I can’t wait to hear what developes from that. I’ll have to call my brother tomorrow. I’ll have to tell him to be careful driving my forklift, he’s already crashed my car once…but to mess with the forklift is crossing the line. I haven’t even gotten to drive it yet! 🙂

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