Blessings showered down with the rain

This morning I went to the Hunts Point Clean Up Day. It was fun, I helped clean up, got to know some more people in the community and got a cottage! I’m so excited. After being introduced formally as the Hunts Point History Project Intern, the community split into groups and I helped with the Town Hall group. We weeded, pruned and the works. Then I was helping a nice lady named Priscilla set up for lunch. She asked me about where I was going to live this summer after graduation and I told her that at that point it’s still in God’s hands. It wasn’t until after lunch as she was heading back to the parking lot that it dawned on her that her son and daughter-in-law have a recently vacated guest house in their back yard…just down the block!
The missionaries that they were housing there just moved out like a couple weeks before. It’s a house that they call God’s shed, because while it’s not really a shed, it is in their back yard. And it’s God’s house because they have dedicated it to the use of housing God’s people when they need a place to stay. I’m so jazzed! It’s the cutest place in the world. It’s just one room, big enough to do a cartwheel in. It’s got a small kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. There’s a queen sized bed, garnished with a Pottery Barn comforter and wood and wicker furniture. It has red dutch doors that open to a walk-way flanked by two blooming flower beds. Dana (the wife) said they get a lot of sunshine, plus, the cottage over looks the Lake! This is such a huge blessing. They gave me a key, the address to forward my mail to and told me I can move in whenever I want! They showed me where the washer and dryer are and also gave me a key to the house so I can access those at any time. I feel so endebted to them…I immediately started volunteering myself to do their laundry when she began talking about scheduling laundry days. I was like, don’t worry about that, I can just do all the laundry while you guys are out and I’m babysitting your kids. ha-ha.
Seriously, friends, you must come visit my cottage soon. It’s so cute!
Thank you Lord, for your blessings and answered prayer.

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  1. propheceye says:

    So… you are not coming home this summer?

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