I just got flowers delivered to me. I am so spoiled by my friends. Today started rocky, but is now looking up. I got an e-mail from Kenny with a link to a totally awesome movie and some music by Philip Glass, one of my favorites. (Thanks Kenny!)
And now flowers. This is the third delivery Israel has sent me. He’s such a sweet guy. I hope his ministry in Mexico is going well.
So all I need now, to make this day complete is a spark of inspiration to write the 13 page memoir that’s due tomorrow.
Yesterday I found out in class that the huge memoir was due that evening. I had completely forgotten! Praise the Lord I wasn’t the only one. Another girl in my class also spaced on the assignment, so our prof gave us an extension until tomorrow. I’m still at a loss on what to write about. I’m not so good at sharing the raw gritty details of my life. I suppose I figure people have more exciting things to write about. My life is hardly epic.
Another encouraging event that happened today was having lunch with Valor. It was nice to catch up with him again. We had a riveting discussion about Rachel Corrie. I think I was just feeling argumentative. I honestly don’t know enough about the case to say if the law suit was fair one way or another. (It’s all in good fun Valor! I’ll see you Sunday.)

So, it’s back to work for me. If anyone happens to read this that is from my childhood and has good memories that they can share…please call me. Thanks.

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