Quick thoughts

So the first week of classes has passed and I’m not completely stressed out. Praise the Lord! What’s better is that I’m actually working on a story for the paper right now that is interesting and should be fun to write.
Just these last few weeks I’ve learned more about where I’d like to go with my talents and my career path. I’d for sure like to do something for a good reason (something that has a purpose, maybe to help people.) I’d also like to have a career where I could exercise my creative juices. Today in my marketing class I realized how much fun that field can be and how much I already know about marketing (weird), so I thought to myself “hey, maybe PR is where I belong.” But I’m not sure. I guess what it comes down to now is just calling people and making connections. This shouldn’t be too hard for me…since becoming a reporter I’ve developed a knack for calling strangers and making nice.
I think what I’m going to miss the most about SPU when I graduate is the (dare I say it) community. I’ve made so many wonderful friends out here and I feel like I’ve somewhat established my independence. I want so much to travel more and see things before I settle down in a job. But honestly, who has money to do that? And I think I’d want to travel with someone. (Lord knows I’d get lost if I went by myself.) I wonder if there are any graduate programs that involve just traveling, writing and relaxing? Wouldn’t that be a dream. I’ll have to look into that more.

Final thought: What do you all think of the Terri Schivo case? I’m curious to hear your commentary. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Quick thoughts”

  1. Regarding the Schivo case, I think that if it were I, I would not want to artificially be kept alive. Of course, the debate really is, what did Terri want? This case really emphasises the important of a living will.
    That being said, we should get coffee sometime, my treat. Is there a good time for you?

  2. propheceye says:

    In my opinion, Terri Schivo effectively died long ago. They just kept her body around for sentimental value.
    With that being said, some people need to learn when to let go give up to the inevitabilities of life for the greater good.

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