Once again…it’s been a while

My fingers feel like jelly and my creative juices have been wrung dry. *sigh*
Two days ago a visitor snuck into my apartment and sat with me while I worked on my latest article in the family room. She wasn’t a complete stranger, I’d seen her around before. But this is the first time she’s been so bold as to make herself comfortable on my couch. She startled me at first, hiding behind the blinds and warming herself by leaning against the sun-soaked glass of the sliding patio door. But she’s quickly grown on me and we’ve become friends. She’s quite lovable.
I asked my roommate if we could keep her. “A Tabby as small as herself shouldn’t be too hard to hide, right?” I inquired of her, holding the purring visitor under my arm as we both gave her our biggest (for lack of a better word) puppy eyes. My roommate wasn’t so receptive. “It’s not that I don’t like cats,” she attempted to defend herself. “It’s just that…you know, if she had tags…I’d be more welcoming. You never know where it’s been, you know?” The Tabby played with my sweatshirt string as I stood in my roommate’s doorway. “Yeah, I understand,” I looked down at Tabby and silently told her I was sorry.
It’s all probably better this way. She is more of a free spirit. I mean, she probably has tons of friends. When I left for class this morning she was waiting for me on my doorstep. I think she’s forgiven me for kicking her out last time. She walked to class with me. Halfway there she broke off because she saw a friend and went to greet her. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t feel betrayed or anything. I mean, we’ve only been ‘real’ friends for like…a week, technically. So I was happy for her. Besides, my prof kicked out the last kitten that tried to sit in on our class. So I knew Tabby might not be welcome.
I saw her again today when I was on my way out to the SPD to request some reports. Once again she was waiting in front of my door (leaning against it actually). She bolted inside and ran to make herself comfortable in the sunny spot on the couch. We sat for a while and I looked over some notes before I left.
So that’s my new friend. I hope our friendship grows. We get along great and she’ll probably become part of our apartment community, unless someone calls the pound. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Sure she can be a little pushy and intrusive sometimes…but that may just be the kind of cat she is. There isn’t anything wrong with that. We’re all different, you know?

Briefly, in other news. My article didn’t go in this week. There were some *clearing throat* questioning of the veracity of my sources. I’ve done some more leg work and I’m hoping to confront them about their story when the paperwork comes through. The waiting is the worst part of these stories.

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