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                                      SUMMER INTERN


The Town of Hunts Point is recruiting for a summer intern to develop a “living history” of the Town through interviews and research. THe results of this effort are to be published. This project is an outgrowth of the planning for a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the incorporation of the town.


The individual selected for this position will work with a cinematographer to collect information, in written and electronic form, that will be released as a part of the celebration.


The individual selected for the summer intern position will have a background in journalism, English or history. They should have well developed interview skills. The successful person will have two or more of the following abilities:

                Using the telephone to schedule interviews.

                Worked with a cinematographer to produce a visual/sound record.

                Researched records, archives historical documents and newspapers and produced reports from the data 


                Write creatively and clearly using facts to present an interesting story.

Should also have knowledge of the basics of publication.

Compensation range: $9.00 to 14.00/hr. DOE


I wish so bad that I could take this job. *sigh* I totally would if it weren’t for the whole “where would you live” and “what about seeing your friends” part of the deal. I hate money. Well, actually I just hate that it keeps me from taking fun and interesting internships like this one. I would love to just walk around with a camera guy and listen to people tell their stories. Then I’d be able to come back and write about it! So awesome and right up my alley.

Does anyone know anyone who lives in this area that wouldn’t mind having someone take over their couch for a summer? If you do, let me know. 🙂

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