First interview

Good Lord! I think I signed up for something a lot bigger than I realized with this job. It turns out I am writing the entire history of Hunts Point and the histories of all the settlers who are still alive. And, as I was informed today, I’m also supposed to participate the motion picture documentary! This wouldn’t be so stressful if I didn’t have to get all the preliminary work done in 3 weeks! There are 34 key people I have to interview which means, 2 interviews a day! Starting tomorrow. There’s just no way I can do that and go to all my classes and hold down two other jobs. It’s impossible.
I talked with the cinematographer doing the documentary, Fanni Li, (who happens to be a resident of Hunts Point and a well known, award winning independent film maker from China) today and we attempted to lay out a game plan. She also informed me that when we’re done filming this and she plans on translating it into several languages to distribute around the world)and she’s going to do the same with the book that I’m supposed to write!). Whoa! They better be planning a raise in my future if that’s the case.

I interviewed Peter Henning Jr., 84-year-old former nuclear physicist, farmer and son of Peter Henning Sr., the pioneer of the west from Sweden who built the western railroads and helped build the community of East Stanwood. Peter Jr.’s father also happens to be best friends with John Nordstrom (who came to America from Sweden around the same time in 1883). This guy that I talked to today is so amazing and the most loving old man I’ve ever met! He’s so cute! When we arrived at his house, he invited us in and led us into the kitchen where he had set out a plate of cookies and sat patiently with us as Fanni set up her gear. Turns out he’s lived just about every where in the world. He’s 84 and still has the spunk of a 40-yr-old, and he’s got the social life of a 20-yr-old. He has the most amazing stories and I can’t wait to meet with him again to hear more.

So, that’s all that I have the energy to update on right now…maybe more later. *deep breath*

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