Fun quotes of the day

“I’m engaged!” -Loreanne
“But then, after I said yes, I was like, “hey, you didn’t say nice things – you’re supposed to say nice things. OK go!” -Loreanne

“I’m not sure where her mom got the tazer – I just don’t ask.” -Pauline

“I want to say no at least twice before I say yes.” -Rachel (regarding marriage proposals and wanting to be surprised vs. knowing before hand.)

“Safety is key when communicating with human fluids.” -quote from a poster on my fiction prof’s office door.

“Sparkle Motion booster club member.” -Dave’s custom made label that he stuck to my sleeve at work. I forgot it was there until just now. My shift at work ended at 3. (FYI – “Sparkle Motion” is in reference to Donnie Darko)

“Yea, I can’t wait ‘cuz I really want to see you…er…I mean, that movie.” -***, searching for excuse to get an email address or phone number.

“Well, yea, because anyone who knows you knows that. Sarah means busy. That’s a fact of life; just the way it is.” -Scott

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