I really really really need to study spanish again. I’d forgotten how extremely practical it is. Every other guest that came tonight could speak at least two languages. Could I? Nope. (well, a little…but that’s just from going to public school and mission trips.)
It’s sooooo weird to have Israel here. I can’t believe this! He remembers almost everything from five years ago. And so does his mom! Even she remembers me. She sent a gift with Israel for me. How sweet!
He brought pictures from the mission trip (well, the ones that I’m in) and oh my goodness – those took me back. I didn’t even realize he’d taken those pictures. Weird.
He’s grown up so much from five years ago – but he doesn’t seem to have changed a bit. He still seems like the same pastor-who-is-really-close-to-my-age Israel that he was when I briefly met him a long time ago.
He prayed for me today in spanish. I understood a little bit of it and I almost felt like crying. He knew what I needed prayer for.
I feel so bad that I can’t spend more time with him. He is staying for two extra days after his classes. I can’t even meet up with him until after 4 pm tomorrow. What is the poor guy going to do for an entire day? Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up to him on Sunday after church. Anyone want to join us for a day of shameless tourism? Give me a call. I’m serious.
Lord be with us this weekend. And more importantly – be with us during finals. Amen.

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