A waltz

“Let me sing you a waltz, 

Out of my head, out of my thoughts…”

     Tonight was more proof that my taste in films is very much a unique-to-me thing. Perhaps I should stick to sharing only action movies. The kind you can talk through and never miss anything going on in the plot. ha-ha.

     Wow, what an interesting day.

     I chickened out in some opportunities today – but I was overly bold in others. I will confess the part I chickened out in. My presentation this morning was about what character I identified most with out of all the Lewis and MacDonald stories we’ve read this quarter. I chose Anodos from MacDonald’s “Phantastes.” As part of my presentation, I was going to read this poem I wrote. But I didn’t. Instead I babbled and shook like the temperature in the room was bellow zero. Anyhow, to make up for it…I’ll share now, the poem I was too afraid to share this morning.

Red w/ Rhythm

If my name was [        ]

What kind of person would I be?

Would I have the same

cares and worries

presently swarming me?

Would I have the same friends

the same smile

the same furrow when I frown

Would I like tennis,

Superbowl commercials

would I eat chocolate when I’m down?


Would I read too much

Would I see too much

and still never understand?

Would I love too much

think too much

and still never show my hand?


Who would I be if my name was [       ]

Could it be – that I might still be – me?

or could it be – that I might possibly be – you?


But there is nobody I could be but me – me

Because all the other me‘s are taken.

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