Selling like hotcakes…a conversation

PoluOwau: truth be told…I’d much rather have a big man carry me out of a burning house than have a woman drag me
imspdrman: umm….I think I’d prefer the woman dragging me
PoluOwau: although, I have two girl friends who are training to be firewomen
imspdrman: nice
imspdrman: butch
PoluOwau: You would prefer that
PoluOwau: haha
imspdrman: umm….I’m not sure
PoluOwau: you’d probably set fire to your house on purpose
imspdrman: ha ha
imspdrman: are they babes?
PoluOwau: just to have a woman haul you away
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: “Firewomen Gone Wild”
imspdrman: ha ha
PoluOwau: I can see the calendar now
imspdrman: HA HA
PoluOwau: selling like hotcakes
imspdrman: you have no idea
PoluOwau: well, I’ve never personally purchased a hotcake before
PoluOwau: so I can’t really say
imspdrman: oh, they’re great
PoluOwau: I bet your room is plastered with Firewomen posters, huh?
imspdrman: you know it
PoluOwau: aren’t hotcakes just like pancakes?
imspdrman: pretty much
PoluOwau: well that’s silly. I’d much rather make my own fresh than buy one
imspdrman: even at a restaurant?
imspdrman: I’m not good at making pancakes
PoluOwau: oh, good point
imspdrman: except german pancakes
PoluOwau: I pictured like a street cart or something
imspdrman: ha ha
PoluOwau: like a hotdog stand
imspdrman: LOL
imspdrman: losing more wieght
PoluOwau: or a little monkey with symbols
PoluOwau: and a cup-sized hat
PoluOwau: a vest maybe
imspdrman: Abu?
PoluOwau: pretty much
PoluOwau: I wouldn’t buy hotcakes from anyone else
PoluOwau: especially with a hotcake like Aladdin in tow
PoluOwau: yikes!
PoluOwau: haha
imspdrman: ha ha
imspdrman: you had a crush on Aladdin?
PoluOwau: I really do need to close my mouth now, don’t I?
PoluOwau: did I mention the loveliness of the moon tonight?
imspdrman: ha ha
PoluOwau: it’s fantastic
imspdrman: you can’t hide it
PoluOwau: bright enough to read by, I’d say
PoluOwau: maybe I’ll go do some reading right now…that sounds nice
imspdrman: “a whole new world…..”
PoluOwau: HAHA
PoluOwau: *swoon*
PoluOwau: such a hottie, I’m telling you, there’s nothing more attractive than a thief turn prince…a liar with a pet monkey
imspdrman: ha ha
imspdrman: of course
imspdrman: it’s my favorite disney movie
PoluOwau: really?
imspdrman: yup, I bought it over Christmas
PoluOwau: I am a fan of Emperor’s New Groove personally
imspdrman: that’s my second favorite actually
PoluOwau: and Beauty and the Beast
imspdrman: then Hercules
PoluOwau: haha
imspdrman: then Tarzan
imspdrman: I like the boy ones
PoluOwau: those are all excellent
PoluOwau: HAHA
PoluOwau: figures
imspdrman: the girl ones are dumb
PoluOwau: boys are dumb
imspdrman: stupid prince charming in all of them
imspdrman: it’s the same guy with four different girls
PoluOwau: I never liked prince charming
PoluOwau: I liked the guy in Anastasia though
imspdrman: umm…never saw it
imspdrman: is that even Disney?
imspdrman: I had no idea
PoluOwau: yea
PoluOwau: but Tarzan is a stud, I’ll say that much
PoluOwau: not sure how I feel about the hair though
PoluOwau: and the knuckles
imspdrman: ha ha
PoluOwau: I need to go to bed now…I’m digressing
imspdrman: pops his knuckles too much
PoluOwau: ew

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