What the heck!

Suspicions have been confirmed. My roommates have decided to move out and not tell me. Yea, it hurts. People have been mentioning it to me for a while but I just kind of shrugged it off thinking to myself, “Nawh, they’d tell me if they were doing that.”
I mean, I can’t blame them for wanting to move out; the place is built for two people but there’s three of us; the construction is really loud and annoying; and obviously I’m not the easiest person to live with…but I thought I’ve been pretty considerate. And it honestly hasn’t been that bad. We hardly ever see each other anyway.
For a while I thought Brigitte was just mad at me for something because of the way she has been stomping around, slamming doors and going out of her way not to talk to me. So tonight when Jamie went to pick up a book from a friend I went into Brigitte’s room and asked if she had a few minutes. She said, “Well, this would be better if Jamie were here so we could have told you together. We’re moving to the Wesley next quarter.”

So they’ve already arranged to move into a double. As opposed to asking me to move in with them into a triple (which would have been less expensive. Price was one of the reasons she gave for moving out.)

I’m bummed. I’m going to bed.

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2 Responses to “What the heck!”

  1. tchick64 says:

    That’s way not cool and doesn’t sound like the maturest way to deal with something. I know nothing of the situation, but I know that being upfront about their feelings and plans, rather than talking to people besides you, is a much better way to go. Sorry, hon. Perhaps SPU will place you will someone supercool and supernice and the rest of the year will end up being the best ever! (Yes, I’m a closet optimist.)

  2. mptphlosofer says:

    Your roomies sound lame.

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