I’m really cold. Despite the fact that most girls are cold all the time anyway…I think my coldness may be an indicator of more than just me being a girl. I think I should get this checked out, because I run around way too much for this to be a something related to just circulation or whatever. Hmmm…let me know if you have any insights.

In other news, although I’m chilly right now…I think other areas of my life are slowly starting to warm up. Very very very very very very slowly.

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2 Responses to “Temp”

  1. propheceye says:

    Gain 30lbs. It would help kill two birds with one stone and only at the expense of your life expectancy.

  2. mptphlosofer says:

    Drink some whiskey… that always seems to do the trick. Perhaps add some coffee to that whiskey. And it’ll help you gain that 30 lbs dudeman told you to gain- I agree.

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