Taken from handsome Matt

1. First best friend: Loreanne
2. First love:
3. First real kiss: Jeff
4. First screen name: Sumrkat
5. First pet: Taukamimi and Cinder
6. First car: ’64 Mustang

1. Last cigarette: ew, never
2. Last kiss: Been a while
3. Last good cry: months?
4. Last beverage drank: carmel apple cider
5. Last food consumed: granola bar
6. Last crush:
7. Last phone call: administration for an interview

1. Who is your best friend: Loreanne, Andrea, Sarah, Emily
2. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: No

1. Where are your favorite places to shop: where ever there’s a sale. If I had $$$ I could easily splurge at that Boutique up on Queen Ann or Anthropologie, Express, Hollister, A&F, Aeropostal, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Ross, any bookstore, the usual…
2. Favorite item of clothing: my super comfy 5+yr-old cords and my tennis shirt

1. Do you do drugs: ew, no
2. What kind of shampoo do you use: currently, herbal essence…normally whatever is on sale that smells nice.
3. What are you most scared of: oh so many things

1. Colors: red, olive green, blue…I love colors
2. Foods: ice cream, warm homemade cookies, pasta, artichokes, this really yummy pie I had in Scotland that I can’t remember the name of, any kind of fruit
3. Subject in school: art, english, communication
4. Animals: kitties
5. Sports: tennis
6. Movie: Office Space, Finding Nemo, the emperors new groove, and any kind of kung-fu movie

1. Given anyone a bath: my dogs and a kid I used to babysit
2. Smoked: nope
3. Made yourself throw-up: ew, no
4. Skinny dipped: sorta
5. Been in love: Yes

1. Clothes:jeans, long sleeve Roxy T-shirt, SPU sweatshirt, toe socks and my favorite sneakers!
2. Music: Angel – Wax Poetic
3. Make-up: None
4. IMs: nobody

2. Hugged: handsome matt
3. Imed: same
4. Last person who slept at your house: my roommates
5. Last persons house you slept at: Sierra Suites in Bellevue with my bro!

1. In the morning I am: confused
2. Love is: patient and kind
3. I dream about: a wee bit of everything

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