*pleasant sigh*

I love being home. I think it’s just what I needed. It’s sunny and crisp, my family is funny, I’m crazy-weird and they still love me, the food is yummy, I love my room and the custom fit sag in the middle of my mattress that serves me just right and, most of all, I get to see my friends. (I can’t wait to see you Sunday Loreanne! Expect a call from me soon Andrea!) Emily called me today too! I miss that girl so much. I’m planning on seeing her and her boyfriend Steve in church on Sunday.
ANOTHER thing I have really missed is my kitties!!!! It was so nice to play and take naps with them yesterday.

I think what I’m thoroughly enjoying the most is the peace. No offense to anyone of the male persuasion…but I’ve needed to hide away from gentlemen callers for a while. I know you can’t always just run away from your problems…but you can take a flight for a quick break, right? We all need a break from the drama sometimes.

I’m at my bro’s place right now. He’s playing with my iPod and I’m playing with his new kittens…it’s a fair trade-off. 🙂 We’re going to go Christmas shopping soon. Yay!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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