Just rolling with it…

Him: yeah, but see
Him: girls are crazy
Him: and pointing out their illogical idea..
Him: never works out well
Him: so i was just rollin with it
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: riiiiiight
Him: riight what?
PoluOwau: because boys are dumb and lazy and smelly
PoluOwau: so they just roll with it
PoluOwau: haha
Him: hey!
Him: i am NOT lazy!
PoluOwau: HAHA
PoluOwau: oh right, my bad
Him: it was!
Him: it was your bad!
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: please forgive my mis-speakings
Him: oh i will
PoluOwau: thanks
PoluOwau: you’re a prince
Him: naww
Him: remember all those things we said about halos?
Him: i have a confession to make…
Him: i’m not a prince
PoluOwau: no!
PoluOwau: you’re lying!
PoluOwau: *sob*
Him: i mean
PoluOwau: how misleading!
PoluOwau: all my dreams are crushed
Him: i AM handsome, and noble, respectful, romantic, handsome, rich, handsome, and rich
Him: so don’t worry about it too much
PoluOwau: little piles of sarah dreams on the floor…oh, won’t someone be kind enough to loan me a broom to sweep them up?
PoluOwau: *sob*
Him: naw, not me
PoluOwau: crushed, completely crushed

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