Important stuff to do

1:30 – 2:00 Interview with Big Cheese

3:30 – ? Interview with Fat Cat

These are the pivotal moments…the key players. What they have to say is what people want to know. I’m so nervous!
Afterward, work in the office, tie up loose ends, belt out as many articles as possible.

Focus focus focus focus focus focus.

In other news, I thought I had resolved the tensions with my roommate. What the heck! She keeps treating me like dirt and I have NO idea why. It’s so hard for me because I’ve never been in a situation like this…where one person can actually treat someone else this way. I always thought this stuff only happened on TV soaps or reality shows.
I was just in the bathroom using the mirror and getting ready for my big interviews. The door was open. I left it open on purpose because I wanted my roommates to know it was alright to come in or talk if they needed. I hear some faint whispers and I open the door more thinking maybe they were talking to me. Didn’t see anyone. I finish up and when I walk out I see Brig standing there leaning against the wall. She doesn’t even make eye contact. I was surprised to see her standing there and I said “You know you could have just told me you were waiting…” She doesn’t even wait for me to finish talking or acknowledge that I was talking to her. She just shoves past me and closes the door behind her. What the heck!!!??? The rest of the morning she marches around the apartment…ignoring me at every turn and closing the door whenever she’s in her room. Perhaps she’s just in a mood…again.
Also this morning, after Brigitte slamed the door in my face, Jamie comes up with a handful of mail. “Here’s your mail Sarah, I found it on the coffee table.” “Oh! Thank you! How old is it?” “I think it’s from yesterday. Brigitte got the mail, I’m not sure.”

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2 Responses to “Important stuff to do”

  1. valor says:

    I’m sorry you’re having roommate issues. I can definitely relate! I had a “roommate from hell” experience my sophomore year.
    Just remember that it’s not necessarily you! In fact, it’s probably not. Unfortunately, most people don’t know basic human interaction rules, or if they do, are too absorbed with him- or herself to realize that he or she is being a bastard/bitch (wow, that was way too unnecessarily complicated, all in the name of being gender neutral). Just a thought… To take a play out of Rich Moore’s book, breathe deeply and say, “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care” and smile bigger.

  2. propheceye says:

    You could always go out of your way to annoy her until she stops being passive-aggressive, blows her lid at you, and it becomes a situation you have dealt with before… just a thought.

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