I love my friends

Last night it was determined that I’m not a girlfriend, but I’m “not not a girlfriend.” Interesting, I’m still working on that one in my head, but so far I’m not not liking the idea.

Last night I also got to talk to my best friend, my dad, my mom, and my brother. *sigh* I can’t wait to come home.

Although today didn’t start the way I planned, things turned out alright.

Today I had a quiet time this morning. Talked to an old friend. Went to UW’s Law library to look up stuff and study. I had dinner with my small group at Janet’s house and had a full, yummy, home cooked meal. It was marvelous. Now I’m headed over to Sarah’s place to study for a test that I have tomorrow (which I’m not ready for AT ALL) and finish homework that’s due tomorrow also.

In short, yesterday and today were good because God is good and I love my friends.

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