God is Good

For all of you out there who were praying for me…THANK YOU!! I’m still alive. I came out with a few academic bruises, but as I’ve been telling myself since yesterday…it’s not blocking my entrance to Heaven.

Things that helped me get through today:
-Complete detachment from reality (perhaps even mentally disembodied) for two hours during a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad midterm this morning
-Totally hecka awesome and encouraging friends
-A package from my Dad with a note telling me how proud he was of me (seriously guys…this was the best part of today)and a bunch of mail including a really cute card from one of my friends.
-A voice message from my Dad telling me about an interesting news lead that he heard about on the radio this morning (I’m looking into it)

***SIDE NOTE: My friend at the Seattle Times told me that they’re planning to run an article tomorrow about SPU and the Lifestyle Expectations debate…READ IT!!!!***

-Getting stuff done and over with (I’ll post more about this later)
-PB&J on sourdough bread…(it’s the only food I have left – I need to go grocery shopping soon)
-A particularly informative Senate meeting and some new leads on old stories. (I’ve got that journalistic itch again!)
-An encouraging LJ update posted by my best friend about how God answers prayer and about the awesomeness happening at home.

There’s more, but I’m too tired to think anymore right now. Ciao!

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