Cool family and friends

Just got off the phone with my Dad. He called to remind me how much he loves me and to tell me how proud he is of me. *sigh; beaming smile* I love my Dad. He also told me to be careful and not to burn myself out because he knows how hard I work. He told me “And I’ve got half a dozen guardian ninja angels looking after you, be sure to tell them to be careful too.”

HAHA, that’s awesome!

In other news, here’s a tip for the guys, if you want to know about a girl, ask her best friend. Because a lot of times, she knows more than the girl knows about herself.

Thanks best friend, the talk we had last night was just what I needed. Thanks for keeping me on track, keeping me accountable and reminding me what’s important. Most of all, thanks for letting God speak through you.

I plan on getting a hold of “that book” (you remember the one we talked about), and I’ll let you know more of my thoughts about that later. I will say however, that I do agree with a lot of what he says about relationships and stuff. But there are a few things I think he forgets to take into account. Like how I was saying before that it sounds like he’s arguing that you have to choose one or the other; relationship or life. He seems to forget that part of a relationship is the fact that each person compliments the other and that both lives are edified as a result. Making life better to live and helping each other as they pursue their goals and strengthening their relationship with each other as they work to strengthen their relationship with God. But I totally understand what he was getting at about not letting a focus on relationships hinder your ability to do what God is calling you to accomplish in your singleness. That makes a lot of sense and I agree with it 0.

Anyways, I digress. Thanksgiving was nice, home is good, these next two weeks are going to be insane. Also, I just found out that two couples I know were engaged. May the Lord bless their relationships and may He keep a hand of sanity over all of us in finals or whatever we may encounter this week. Amen.

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One Response to “Cool family and friends”

  1. trademehalos says:

    I think you’re totally right about the relationship part. But wouldn’t it best be saved for the one right person rather than put all that effort into the others that aren’t the right one? Remember it takes away from the plan during your singleness. But you’ll see when you read it. Here’s the thing…I agree with him and I think he has great points, but I don’t think a person is wrong to do it their way. I think his way is hard. Yeah, you can have relationships…I just think if you can do it his way it’s pretty cool and an awesome accomplishment. It’s also something that I think would be best for YOU because of all the stuff you always have going on.
    I love you! Good luck on finals and everything.

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