Super cool

So you wanna know what’s super cool? As tough and thankless as my job at the Falcon is…it does have some perks. Here are a few:

-Free CDs thanks to promo mail. I just got the latest Taking Back Sunday album as well as R.E.M. and various other artists.
-The downside to this is that you have to get to them before anyone else in the office goes and opens your mail!!! Gotta be quick!
-I have access to the office whenever I want because I’m privileged and I have a key and the alarm code (yay, for me)…this allows me to have Sarah space because I’m not obligated to answer the phone or let anyone into the office that I don’t want to. I can just ignore you…I’m pretty good at ignoring people when I need to. Anyways…yes, I have a quiet refuge from the Frenchness that is my apartment.
-Access to programs (like power point) that I don’t have on my computer.
-I have my own desk! Need I say more? How cool is that? Pretty darn cool.
-I have press access…awesome.

So yea, on this rainy Seattle day I thought it’d be a good idea to do something other than what I’m supposed to do (which is finish writing this stupid response paper).

Sarah’s quote for the day (get out your pen and papers, this one could be a keeper): “I feel like such a good person.”
Context for that quote: Statistics class…8 am this morning. We had a surprise quiz and then a lovely workbook exercise that we did in groups. (Side note: my brain wasn’t functioning so well this morning) So workbook exercises on the standard diviation and z-scores wasn’t first on my list of fun things to do at 8 in the morning. We finished the exercises and we went through them and I said under my breath as we turned our desks back from group position, “Well that was just wonderful! Let’s do that again sometime. I feel like such a good person.” It’s funny how some people pick up the things you don’t intend to be heard. The girls around me caught my sarcastic grumblings and were giggling pretty good. I was pink.

The End

A final note for your correlation edification and enjoyment:

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4 Responses to “Super cool”

  1. tchick64 says:

    8am class = bad
    8am statistic class = living nighmare

  2. trademehalos says:

    join the ranks! I didn’t know your stats class was 8 am too! WOOHOOOOOO. Mine’s two hours long in addition to the early time. Fun times.
    yay for statistics!!!!!!!!

  3. innout says:

    Did you guys ever get a decent set of computers up there?

  4. sarahmadson says:

    Yea, they finally got rid of those terrible Macs and put in some computers that work. But now our printer really sucks. Go figure.

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