Quick update

Bullet point brief:
-hung out with friends this weekend and worked a lot – good times!
-had small group on Sunday – I missed my prayer group women – we have a new girl in our group too – she’s cool
-went to 8am class – really tired – came back and took quick nap
-went to interviews – had lunch with interview – yummy sandwich
-went to class – watched documentary on war correspondents – refreshed my sense of journalistic purpose – got fired up about becoming a reporter.
-went to security to get blotter – security is stupid – didn’t get blotter until really late
-went to senate meeting – nothing too exciting
-back to office – typed out senate review and blotter – worked on two other stories
-made calls – did some more interviews
-still have lots of reading for tomorrow
-Talked to Quinn today! – he called me earlier and I was excited to hear from him. Yay Quinn! – hopefully we’re going to hang out sometime next week – meet his girlfriend and chat over a cup of tea.
-Also got a call from Scott – helped him pick out flowers for Rachel – planned a time for us all to go to a show on Saturday. Hooray theater lovers!
-still need to finish obituary for tomorrow – help rookies write their articles – do statistics homework.
**Also…not sure if I remembered to tell you guys…I have a new address: friends see following post for info or call and I’ll email you.
-LOTS and LOTS more reading and homework…I need to sleep. night night.

God is good…all the time.

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