The same night as the play I was asked out on a date for next weekend. He’s a nice guy and all, but I’m not sure I want to deal with anymore of that stuff right now. I already have Alex breathing down my neck….still. (I had ANOTHER talk with him tonight. Just wait till I get a chance to update you on what he did last Friday.) And then there’s sweet sweet Matt (hardcore boy). He’s getting a bit more persistant. I was sooo hoping we could have just stayed friends…I don’t want anything more than that and I’ve posted a sign on my door saying it in plain english! These boys are starting to turn me into a prude. I want nothing to do with them anymore!

Girls…come visit me. I miss you!

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One Response to “P.S.”

  1. Boys suck…The right one will come along and you will know what to do. I would just stay away from them for a little bit, you are too busy to deal with them, and they just put more stress on you. Relationships shouldn’t be that stressful, they should be fun. I love you and I miss you! I wish you could have been here for the party bus!

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