Oh wow

DodgeT69: can i get something off my chest i dont want this to get all wierd or anything
PoluOwau: sure
PoluOwau: you still there?
DodgeT69: i dont know if you know or not but i still have feeling for you and i dont know what you think about me but i need to get this out in the open so i wont feel wierd when i talk to you at least for me i want you to know that if i was at home i would consider seeing if you would want to get back together but seeing as we are so far apart and me maybe having to go off to war i just want you to know that you are an awesome friend and i thank God that i have someone in my life that i can talk to like this just spill my guts to sometimes and the other time just love to be around you and all ahh this is so hard for me to say… any way i just want you to know that is what is on my heart you are and awesome Godly woman sarah and i just cant imagine ever loosing your friendship and maybe some day in the future it being more i am sorry if this all comes as a shock and i dont want to scare you but i said about missing you and everthing is true it has been truly hard to be away from you i hope that this does not hurt our friendship because i love you as a friend so much
DodgeT69: i am shaking right now
PoluOwau: wow


PoluOwau: wow, I guess I don’t know what to say
DodgeT69: so what are you thinking
PoluOwau: well, actually I was just thinking about how the shelf I just mounted in my room is about to fall down
PoluOwau: I was hoping that the mounting tape I used would hold it up
PoluOwau: since we can’t use nails
DodgeT69: awesome i love how random you are
PoluOwau: haha
DodgeT69: 😀

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