I learned more about myself today. I figure if I learn something new everyday, it makes the day worthwhile no matter how unproductive I may have been.
I’m still deciding if I should share this new piece of information. So I think I’ll just say what else I was going to say and see how open I’m feeling when I finish.
Today I slept through chapel…sort of. I got up when I was planning on getting up…but I just laid in bed and stared at the ceiling for what I thought was just a few minutes…but when I looked at the clock again almost an hour had gone by. Weird. I don’t even really remember what I was thinking about…I hope it was deep and insightful.
So then I go to class and engage in some class discussion about how words are meaningless until two socially communing individuals contribute their independent utterances and significant meanings into them. It was really interesting…perhaps I’ll elaborate later if I am still in a procrastinating mood.
Then I come back to my room and write a few letters to send to family and friends who I know aren’t feeling well. Then I decide to make those letters into packages because after writing to them I realize how much I really miss them and how much I wish they were here. I think it also may have been a selfish act on my part because I was kinda having an intensely monotonous day and I always feel better when I cheer someone else up.
Then I run around some more and take care of some more research for my media law class…I watched a PBS special about American Pornography…ew. Just learning about how obsessed our society is with that stuff made me feel dirty. *shiver*
I got a call from Jason as I was doing some other homework and it was sooooo good to talk to a voice from home. He called to cheer me up and tell me that people aren’t supposed to have crappy days. He’s right. We talked a while and he gave me some advice that I think I’ll put into effect soon. When I get the guts. Pray for me Jason…it’s not easy. You’re right.
Then I had a forum to attend and it was really interesting…I hope the article does it justice. Of course, I didn’t write the article…I just did all the leg work. One of our layout editors was having a really really rough week. Her father had a heart attack and her sister hit a patch of bad luck too and a bunch of other things. So while my editor wrote the article I invited our layout angel to let me treat her to some ice cream and Thursday’s CSI. (She’s a CSI fan too). It was great to be able to give her a place to escape and unwind.
So here I am now…after a few other calls from some writers and editors. I still have statistic homework to do and a load of reading. Sure I’m behind…and I keep procrastinating and getting distracted…I’m praying it’s a phase that will pass. Lord willing. Cio!

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