If you don’t have dreams…

“If you don’t have dreams then how will you ever have a dream come true?”

I went to see a friend’s play last night. She was so cute! The show was called The South Pacific. Her part didn’t speak any english lines, and she was kinda bummed but she played the part she was given very well. She works at the Village Theater in Issequa (sp?). It was a fun night.

These past few weeks I feel like I’ve been bombarded with romanticism. It’s hard to tell what is genuine anymore. My roommates were watching Titanic earlier, so I went up to Queen Anne. No escape….there were several couples flirting with each other and being lost in their own world. I come back to the apartment and try to study in my room. I look online for some photographs for a project in statistics. I go to some of my favorite artist sites. Norman Rockwell, Robert Doisneau, Vetrianno, etc. I had forgotten what an idealist eye I held when it came to art content. “Kiss by the hotel De Ville, Paris, 1950″…”A Romantic Stroll in the Rain”….”A Sailors Kiss”…there really is no escape.

Just when I’d come to accept that some dreams really are JUST dreams. That their soul purpose is to give a young girl hope to carry her through to that place where she is finally strong enough to stand on her own and accept the hard truth without the support of heroes and fairy tales. But the logic of my head is battling the dreams of my heart and I keep being pulled back to the world of clairvoyant gut feelings and happy endings.

*sigh* I can’t think straight, I think I’m getting sick and cranky. Ugh, time for some quiet time, study time and then sleepy time.

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