Halloween costumes and statistic distractions

So, although I don’t really believe in the meaning behind Halloween…I’m always up for an excuse to dress up.
As I was doing my statistics homework and desperatly trying to get my brain to focus on the task at hand…my wandering mind stumbled across some interesting thoughts…

Valor should be Wolverine for Halloween
Loreanne…I love that pixi costume you had last year…super cute! Or maybe Strawberry Shortcake (without the hat?)
Kyle should be Cory from Boy Meets World or that funny kid from Napoleon Dynomite.
Jamie should be Queen Latifa (sp?) from Chicago
Andrea and Cassie should be Kate Bechansale’s (sp?) character from Underworld
Nerdalie I still think you should be Poison Ivy
Kenny…you should be that kid from Napoleon Dynomite or a fairy, a pretty pretty fairy.

If I haven’t thought of a good costume idea for you yet…give me time, I’ll think of one eventually.

What I am going to be you ask? Well, I still have those elf ears from last year and I’d really like to get good use out of them. So I’m wearing those again this year. However, I’m torn between being an elf and being a fairy because there’s this cool girl that I met at the Fremont fair who makes some amazing wings for a pretty good price (www.meghannfrickberg.com). Also, Rachel let me borrow this really pretty royal blue hooded cape that has gold embroidary on the hem. So I dunno. Thoughts anyone?

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3 Responses to “Halloween costumes and statistic distractions”

  1. You are my hero for saying I should be that girl from underworld. I just saw that movie for the first time this week, and she rocks. Thanks, hun!
    Actually I already have a costume planned… not too far off. I just need to find fake guns. lol.

  2. valor says:

    I tried the whole “Wolverine” thing last year, but waited too long, and didn’t erally have a costume. Besides, the beard/chops thing just gets too itchy.
    Reading your post made me happy. I still need to visit.

  3. tikijam says:

    hehehe maybe i should take your costume suggestion…i havent thought of anything on my own yet 🙂

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