Email from Andrea….hecka funny

Try this very soon, before someone forces Google to fix its site:

1) Go to (it also works with
2) Type in: weapons of mass destruction (DO NOT hit return button!)
3) Hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button, NOT the “Google search”
4) Read the “error message” carefully.

Someone at Google has a sense of humor. And will probably be fired soon…

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2 Responses to “Email from Andrea….hecka funny”

  1. innout says:

    Nope…nobody from Google will be losing their jobs soon…
    Here’s how you do it:
    First, make a webpage somewhere.
    Second, make links everywhere that say “weapons of mass distruction” and link them to the above weblage.
    Third, get evyerone possible to do the same thing.
    Fourth, confirm that Google has it set to the 1st result returned.*
    Fifth, sit back and enjoy!
    * This is why nobody at Google will be in trouble. The “I’m feeling lucky” button will automatically take you to the first result that Google returns. If it’s the first thing listed, then that’s what you’ll go to. The same sort of thing has been done before (try ‘miserable failure’, hehe).

  2. tikijam says:

    heheheh i’m gonna post that in my journal too!

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