Did you notice anything peculiar? I sure did.

So, you know on my entry about Halloween? Did you notice the comment section? How in the world did he get a code?!?!?
Also, yesterday was just too much. I have had cramps like nobody’s business and I was not in the best of moods.
First, Tim IM’s me and tells me that he’s thought a lot about me ever since we broke up…what was it? Oh, four years ago? I think so. Anyway, it was super sweet, but I dunno.
Then I have this interesting conversation with Kenny about it and about what I need to change in order to solve this problem. He said I needed to stop caring so much.
A few minutes later Alex comes and knocks on my door. I decided to ignore it. Then the phone rings. My wonderful roommate picks it up and hands it to me. I ask who it is…she says she doesn’t know. “Hello?”
“Hi Sarah, it’s Alex. I have something for you. Can I come by and give it to you?”
“Alex, I have a lot to do and I’m under a lot of pressure.”
“It’ll be for just a minute”
“Alright, I suppose.”
He comes and knocks on the door, not two minutes later and presents me with purple glitter roses. “I saw them and I thought of you.”
“Alex…*exasperated sigh*…thank you…”
“And I know you haven’t been feeling well so I thought they might make you feel better.”
“Alex…*exasterated sigh*…That’s really thoughtful but I really have to get back to studying. I have a lot going on tomorrow.”
“*stands there a while*”
“Alex…I really need to go. Thank you, these are really nice.”
“oh, ok, bye”

Saturday was when my cramps kicked in, so I almost canceled the date I had with Scott. We were supposed to go to the zoo. But it was raining so he brought over an interesting movie called Shoalin Soccer. It’s about these kung-fu guys who take up soccer. It was funny. He also brought over fixin’s for root beer floats. I explained to him also that I had a lot of work to get done and that I wasn’t feeling so well either so we could only hang out for a few hours. And we did. It was alright. He’s a nice guy.
So I kick him out around six. He gives me a high-five and says we’ll have to definitely take on the zoo another day. I agreed.
I made myself some soup and I start on my homework and studying for this test I had today (which I’m not so sure I did very well on) and a few hours later Alex knocks on the door. I ignore it at first. Then the doorbell rings. I answer it. He’s there and he has his back pack with a radio in it. “I know that your radio hasn’t been working and you haven’t been able to listen to your radio shows. So I brought one.”
“Alright, you can stay only a little while…but I have to get my work done!”
“Ok.” He walks in and I think to myself…well, I have CSI from last Thursday…with the commercials fast forwarded, I can cut this hour down to 45 minutes.
“Hey, Alex, actually I think I’d rather watch CSI from Thursday, can we watch that instead?”
“But remember you have to leave right after.”
The show ends, Brigitte comes home and I kick him out. The end.
The biggest bummer of it all is that I had originally planned to hang out with Matt that evening. We were going to go shopping for our Halloween costumes and carve pumpkins and watch Hitchcock movies. I was really looking forward to it. Then when he called I explained to him that I wasn’t feeling well and that I realized I had way too much homework to justify play time. He was bummed but he understood. The thing is I think I might have done better on my test if he had helped me study. *sigh* I feel hecka bad.

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One Response to “Did you notice anything peculiar? I sure did.”

  1. trademehalos says:

    you should hide yourself. seriously. it’s the only solution! become a hermit. hurry!
    I cannot believe the amount of guys you have to tell to go away. SPU is like an untapped resource.

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