Why wasn’t I invited?

So apparently there’s a party going on right now that I wasn’t invited to. *sniffle* Go figure…a party happening right under my nose. I feel so betrayed…they’re using my desk and eating my food and like…EVERYONE is there. How rude. Well, then again…why should I care? I am the bigger person in this situation and I don’t need all that junk food anyway. Besides, they’re the ones who are going to regret all that consumption…I mean, com’on…who eats ten times the amount that they carry…ew. However, this party is lacking in political correctness…there isn’t a single white person there! And to think we’re living in modern times…whatever! I’ll just sit back and read my book and casually listen in on there swarming and orderly bantering. Dancing all over my keyboard; picking at my food without even asking…this is so wrong. Then again, perhaps it’s a cultural thing that I’m not aware of.
Then again, I suppose I might do the same thing if I were an ant. I mean, honestly…how else would you get to go to a party if you’re an ant…it’s not like anyone ever INVITES you.

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One Response to “Why wasn’t I invited?”

  1. tikijam says:

    hehehe thats cute!

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