Why can’t we be friends?

Why can’t guys just be friends? Why does it always have to be all or nothing? I guess Harry in “When Harry Met Sally” was right when he said guys and girls can’t be friends (unless of course both are currently in a relationship with other people). You know what? THAT SUCKS. I think it’s absolutely the most unreasonable and ridiculous rule in the whole wide world…(well, I’m sure I could think of worse rules…but I’d need a bit more time). Anyhow, as I was saying…that unspoken rule sucks on so many levels…perhaps someday I’ll write a book about it. It’ll probably be a tome of 20+ chapters expounding on pretty much everything that has been said before. But, as we know, that doesn’t lessen it’s crapiness.
What is with guys and ‘having’ girls anyway? Why can’t they be content with ‘having’ you as a friend? Why must it be ‘having’ you as a girlfriend? All this possession stuff just screams insecurity.
And what’s the deal with guys all making their move at the same inconvenient time? Gee wiz, you’d think they’d have the courtesy to meet and schedule all their tests on staggering dates…you know, teachers at least give that much consideration.
LORD give me wisdom to respond with love and wisdom. Let me not fall in step with foolish decisions and help there to not be any unneccessary heart break.

P.S. I was thinking the other day and I came up with a brilliant t-shirt idea…
“God is my sugar daddy” <--That's for you Andrea. 🙂 P.P.S. Made some big steps in my story today...thank the LORD I think it's coming together!

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3 Responses to “Why can’t we be friends?”

  1. valor says:

    haha. I totally agree! It seems that unless one of the parties is gay, it never works.
    I always try to be the exception to that rule, however. Take last winter, for example–we were really good friends. And then I got a girlfriend and stopped coming around so much–for which I feel badly.
    We should hang out more this year, once again as friends. I promise I won’t make a move! =D

  2. I don’t believe that guys and girls can’t be friends. I have some buddies who are very dear and loyal friends. It may be rare, yes, but it’s totally doable.

  3. propheceye says:

    Why can’t they be content with ‘having’ you as a friend?
    Because you can’t make out with your friends. Well, you can if they are really cool or drunk but it’s kind of weird later.
    My point is… if girls could get away with just ‘being friends’, the human race would become extinct due to a lack of procreation resulting from the dramatic decrease in bad relationships. You don’t want the human race to become extinct do you?!
    Now stop being so selfish and take one for mankind…

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