The Craziness is back

That’s right…the craziness is back like a seasonal flu and it’s infecting all major areas, spiritual, academic and relational. And it doesn’t stop there…no sir. But I thank the LORD that He is with me…because even if it’s hard, at least I know I’ll survive.

On another note…Nessi, my new betta has come home to live with me. Dave dropped her off this weekend. She’s super cute…but, alas, I think she’s sick. She’s laying down on the bottom a lot and I haven’t seen her eat much of anything. I’m hoping it’s just adjustment anxiety and that it’ll pass. But please keep her in your prayers. I really don’t want to loose another one.

What’s one word to describe my living situation? FRENCH. Everything in my apartment is French. It’s cool and all…but in every situation there are lines. The line in this apartment is my bedroom door. My room has become the American Embasy of our French apartment. Well, at least we know that if it comes to punches…the French will no doubt surrender. he-he.

More news to come…eventually.

Shout out to my girls in California…I miss you!!!!

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