PoluOwau: what kind of sayings?
xvegxheadx: hm
xvegxheadx: you want the sayings.. or the sayings and the explanation?
PoluOwau: sayings and explanation
PoluOwau: por favor
xvegxheadx: hmmm
xvegxheadx: well
xvegxheadx: the most glaringly confusing would have to be
xvegxheadx: ‘i’m tired of paying for sex’
xvegxheadx: BUT
PoluOwau: HAHA
PoluOwau: yikes
xvegxheadx: it REALLY means that i’m tired of paying to get soda at restaurants
PoluOwau: haha…and how did that come about?
xvegxheadx: paying for pop at a taco bell is like paying for sex, kinda
xvegxheadx: cuz you can pay for it, or you can get it for free
xvegxheadx: and free is more exciting and more fun!
PoluOwau: haha…wow, I never thought of it that way
xvegxheadx: we were in vegas, where sex is marketed REDICULOUSLY
PoluOwau: ew
xvegxheadx: and we all decided that we weren’t paying for sex
xvegxheadx: right
xvegxheadx: yuck
xvegxheadx: every other one just comes back to the fact that we all became snakes and monsters on tour
xvegxheadx: so theres ‘MONSTERS HATE TRAFFFFFIIIICCCC!!!!!”
xvegxheadx: or “MONSTERS LOVE HOAGIES!!!!!”
xvegxheadx: you know
xvegxheadx: things like that
PoluOwau: hahah…what’s a hoagie?
xvegxheadx: a hoagie?
xvegxheadx: you know what a hoagie is!
xvegxheadx: its like a sandwich
xvegxheadx: on a big thick bun
PoluOwau: isn’t that a sub sandwich?
xvegxheadx: well right
PoluOwau: haha
xvegxheadx: its that too
xvegxheadx: but hoagie is way more fun to say
PoluOwau: it sure is
PoluOwau: I’m gonna have to remember that

PoluOwau: so what are some more quotes or phrases?
xvegxheadx: theres the ever present question…
xvegxheadx: “how come when i don’t shave for a couple days i look like a pedophile, but when aaron doesn’t shave he looks like a movie star? tell me why!”
PoluOwau: HAHA
PoluOwau: that’s great
PoluOwau: sooo….when can I meet aaron?

***NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the super popular rock stars***

In other news…the CSI marathon on Spike TV is over *sniffle* but at least I have almost every season on DVD!!!
ALSO…CSI:NYC starts next Wed!!! I wait with baited breath.

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