This is so awesome

My best friend has been seeing this really cool guy. I don’t believe I’ve ever met a guy who would do so much for his girl. I’ve always prayed for my best friend…that she would be blessed by an amazing man of God.
The other day, my best friend showed me this email that her boyfriend sent her. This proves to me, that God answers prayer. (Not that I ever doubted Him, but you know…it’s always cool to see it happen).

“God did the talking today…not me.

I listened…
I am not doing as well as I want, God is a forgiving God but I need to
improve on some areas in my life. So for me that means changes in my life.
I am fasting……
From you 🙁 I know it sounds weird and it was really weird to be thinking
of it while I was in church. But it made total sense to me. What is the one
thing I would not want to give up this week? You, were my answer. Does
this one thing inspire me to change. YES! I am asking you to pray, and
harder for me than you ever have this week. I am tired of just waking up
and going to sleep not changing in huge ways. This is going to change.
I will not be emailing you, no calls from me. Just me and God for a week. If nothing
changes I am going to be really upset at myself but I am still going to try
harder. Pray for a huge change. I hope you understand why I am doing this,
you inspire me to change, I can’t stand not being able to talk to you.
That’s is why I must do this. Please don’t respond to this email till next

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