Crazy Weekend

This had to be one of the funnest weekends I’ve had in a while. Friday I went out with Andrea to see two concerts. First we went to the Gillman to see my friend’s heck cool band The Answer. That was awesome because I was able to see my buddy Matt in action. The crowd loved them! Plus I got to meet a bunch of his friends that I have heard him talk about but have never met…it was great!
Then we went to Blakes to see Mystic Roots. Awesome dancing music and hang out time. I got to meet some new people and chill with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I even had the opportunity to talk religion and politics with a drunk guy named Phil…he’s a nice guy, it was fun.
Saturday I went to Santa Cruz with Andrea, Ricky and Lewis. It was fun, we walked around the Boardwalk, had Mexican food, and hung out on the beach. Ricky, Lewis and I went and got little plastic buckets and shovels and we attempted to build a sand castle…but we didn’t get very far before we decided to turn our nice pile of sand into a sand hole with a wall around it….and that idea flopped too. So we put Lewis in the hole – buried him up to his head and gave him a new sand body. Ha-ha. It was beautiful…we turned him into a beer belly fat guy with shell nipple covers. A cool part of it was we had help from an 8-year-old boy. He was watching, so I invited him to help us. He was cute.
After the beach we decided to go back to Andrea’s house and eat dinner, chill in the hot tub and watch The Family Guy. After watching the Twinkie factory episode we got a craving and made a quick Twinkie run down to Safeway. We got back and watched more Family Guy until we passed out. By the way…I look all over those Twinkie boxes and I DID NOT find an EXPIRATION date. I have found my proof that Twinkies last forever…unless eaten.
And the fun didn’t stop there…the next morning I packed for Scotland (and I’m still not done!) and watched the Olympics with my parents. That evening I went the the worship night at Neighborhood and then a few of us met up at Starbucks after. It was so much fun I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Those guys are sooo funny. It was nice to just loiter around Starbucks and laugh a while. Plus, Neil got me a free chai…I owe him one. 🙂
THEN…this morning I woke up early and took one of my Bible study girls, Alyssa out to breakfast. I think it was the first time I had ever seen Carrows so empty… I seriously thought that place was ALWAYS busy. So…breakfast was yummy and I had a chance to catch up with Alyssa since she wasn’t able to go on the camping trip. She showed me her pictures from her missions trip. What an amazing group she went with! I forgot who they are called…but they sure know how to organize a huge number of people.
Anyway, I’m soooo proud of Alyssa. She just jumped right into this ministry and fit right in. She was really excited to spread the Gospel and share her joy. Props to you girl!

P.S. Loreanne comes home today!!!!

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3 Responses to “Crazy Weekend”

  1. WOW…your journal entry sounds so simlar to mine…i could have copied and pasted..changed andrea to sarah…and cut out the part about the packing for scotland and the bible study girl.. anyways…I had an awsome time with you this weekend! Im glad we had so much fun!

  2. sandsnow510 says:

    Quack quack quack qua. . . ahem. I’ve got sand everywhere. Look!! It even got in my snow510. Oh darn.

  3. Re: Quack
    Mr. Penguin!!!!

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