A talk

It’s interesting how people learn things at different times. I look back on the days I had with Jared and realize (once again) that everything is in God’s timing.
A reason I said no to Jared when he asked me if we could date was because I asked myself a question my parents always taught me to ask when considering a guy. “Would he fight for you?” If a guy doesn’t seem like he’d be willing to fight for you, then he’s not the right one.
When I was talking to Jared on Sunday (for the first time in almost a year), he was telling me about the girl he was seeing. He told me he loved her and that he was thankful that we didn’t try to make anything work between us before. He and Mindy are both in the service and for all Jared knows, he might not see her again for another 4-8 years. But he said he didn’t care because God has reassured him that she’s the one and she’s worth fighting for.
That’s when it clicked, and a feeling of peace in the decision I made so long ago came over me. I’d said no to him because I knew he hadn’t fought for me. But this girl, Mindy, was the one God had in store for him. And now that he knew that…he had found the girl he was willing to fight for.
I’m confident that someday, the Lord will bring into my life, the man that will have enough confidence and strength and passion to fight for me. And Lord knows, I will fight for him.

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